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  1. What an excellent post. It’s very detailed. I would just add that if one is going for the medicinal benefits of tea, the amounts they put in teabags are rather dismal. I always suggest using at least two for that purpose, and of course – as you mentioned – organic teas as at least some of those companies have better quality tea bags too- some of them that is…. Another benefit of loose leaf? You can mix them! Add some herbs such as chamomile or even stevia leaf itself instead of processed stevia. Delightful! Enjoy your tea! I have a mix steeping in a mason jar right now!

  2. Julie Boston says:

    I looked into this years back and was so amazed at what is in the tea bags alone that you buy just off the store shelves. It’s crazy to me how much people don’t know they ingest. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Oh my goodness! I had NO CLUE that tea bags are bleached and some have plastic?! My brother (a nurse) once told me that the average person ingests as much plastic as used in making a debit card each year. I always drink tea…perhaps laced with plastic. I’m definitely making the switch to loose tea from now on! I already have a supply of loose teas that I usually drink warm or hot…getting rid of the half gallon mason jar of tea in my fridge right now! Great post!!

  4. Yes! We started moving away from tea bags due to the micro plastics! But then I realized how much fun it is to actually make my own tea blends with my dried herbs! Something so fancy about it!

  5. Thank you for the recipe and for breaking this information down to an easy to read and understand blog post.

  6. I love this so much, loose leaf tea is something we keep in our home at all times. We try and grow as much herbs in our garden as possible to make our own tea, but I love buying different mixes of loose leaf tea as well!

  7. It is 85 degrees here today and I am hankering for some sweet iced tea! Perfect timing!

  8. I grew up with homemade tea with tea bags being made as well. It wasn’t until my adulthood that I used loose leaf tea. I find it to be so much better.

  9. Jim. Piercey says:

    All our relatives are tea drinkers every day of there 95 plus years

  10. Tea J Tea says:

    It’s been really a nice and interesting piece of content to read and hats off to your collection related to the loose leaf tea. Thanks! for sharing such stuff with us.