turkey with fowl pox

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  1. To start with a side note, my wife looked over my shoulder at the pictures and is now itchy and thinks she has fowl pox. But i digress, your posts are very informative about how to properly/safely keep our urban homestead. Thanks!

    1. Barbra-Sue Kowalski says:

      Oh yikes! Nothing like the power of suggestion!

  2. Very interesting! We haven’t seen this in our turkeys yet but great to know if we do in the future!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m started to get serious about my quest to get fowl. This is very helpful info, thanks 😉

    1. Barbra-Sue Kowalski says:

      Im so glad to hear it! Good luck!

  4. See, this is why I love your blog. This is stuff I would literally never think of. Obviously if you own turkeys you need to have done some research, but there are so many things you would never know until you actually did own them. This is definitely something I’m glad I am aware of ahead of time!