homemade pumpkin puree

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  1. What a great resource! So great to know the many ways to prep and store pumpkins.

  2. So glad I found this. I have a ton of pumpkins to put up! I plan to puree some and cube some so I can freeze some and pressure can some. I really appreciate all the information you have here, including picking the best pumpkin and storing methods.

  3. Great idea! Now I can use up my decorative pumpkins for good use!

  4. Thank you for this useful and easy recipe to use and preserve all those pumpinks and squashes up 🙂

  5. Your directions were so concise and easy to follow, thanks for the great info!

  6. I was never told that having little boys meant that the house would be filled with rocks all summer…like everywhere. Now I’m discovering that the fall is when they fill it with pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors…I really don’t think we’ve bought or grown as many as are in here (seriously, where did they call come from?). Anyways, since we’ve been working on getting them interested in baking/cooking, hopefully we can use your recipe to….tidy the house…

  7. I had heard somewhere that it was better to use a certain pumpkin for puree but never knew the details- so interesting and now I can’t wait to try!

  8. I’ve always been intimidated by this process. You make it look easy enough I might actually try it! Thanks!