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  1. So much great information, thanks for sharing your tips. We are still a little ways off from starting seeds up here but I get the itch to start around this time of year. I’m surprised to hear you don’t “think” you have a green thumb!

  2. Julie Boston says:

    This is great information! I’m in zone 6b, so it’s not exactly 100% relevant. But there is a lot of helpful info I can use. I have not been the most successful food gardener and I would really love to up my game!

    1. Barbra-Sue says:

      Me too!

  3. Thank you for the post! We dream about a warmer state so we can grow bananas and oranges 🙂 We love using coconut coir for our seed starting, which replicates peat moss and is more earth-friendly. Have you tried it? We’ve been starting seeds here in zone 7a using the soil blocking method and it’s going well. A bit of an investment up front but we’re getting loads of plants on one little tray (we primarily use the 3/4 inch soil blocker so we get 40 in one small tray). It’s our first year using it, I’m excited. Wishing you well on the farm, looks like an exciting adventure!

    1. Barbra-Sue says:

      I haven’t tried the coconut coir. I’ll have to check it out. I really like the idea of soil blocking it just seems like its not sustainable for a larger operation.

  4. We just started some of our early start seeds – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc. Cheers to a successful garden this year! (Sorry you had a rough start – mother nature tends to change our plans for us sometimes, am I right?)

  5. Great information and tips! I just started planting seeds this week. I like the idea to repurpose the containers we already have at home. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, lots of great information! I especially like the idea of using a skewer for tiny seeds!