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  1. Ooo my favorite tip is the cell phone holder since there are never nightstands! Sharing that tip with my rv friends!

  2. I love all your tips. Baskets are so wonderful for keeping things tidy. Great post!

  3. Catherine says:

    Totally applauding you making your kitchen aid work in your kitchen! I’d definitely do the same; I love mine!

  4. Love all the space saving ideas! Oh, and yes to storage under the bed – we did the same thing in our small space!

  5. Definitely some great space saving ideas and gadgets!

  6. As an addict of shows like Tiny House Nation, I am in love with this post. Also, tip of that to Philip for being gutsy enough to try and authoritavely say how the kitchen was going to be organized. Foolhardy but gutsy

  7. Julie Boston says:

    I agree, that cellphone holder is pretty awesome! I could use it in my bedroom. My phone is constantly falling between the bed and the wall. lol You have done an excellent job being organized in such a small space!