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  1. I am really wanting to start grinding my own flour. I think I will just forward this post to my husband and help tip the scales towards purchasing a mill. 🙂

  2. Interesting info! I have loved the control over our flour by grinding our own. Flour sure has changed a lot!

  3. It’s amazing how much better I feel now that I’m grinding my own flour. So glad you are too friend!

  4. Great post! Really makes me rethink using store bought flour.

  5. Fresh is best! Great article on grinding your own flour. I want to try this one day.

  6. Wow! I couldnt convince myself to make the switch but this definitelyconvinced me. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Great post! I make homemade bread every week, I really need to start grinding our flour. Thank you so much for sharing!