homemade soap in storage baskets

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am working on organic soup, hope you can help me. Please give me some recipes with quantities. Then it will be very useful for me, which quantity you have given is better if you give it like this. And the most important thing is that I have made many soups but today the soups are sweating for seven days. What can I do at normal room temperature. After making the soup, it should be kept at normal temperature. Keep in AC. And why are my soaps sweating? Please let me know.
    My mail rajaulkarim469@gmail

    1. Soap sweats due to glycerin content, I cant say I know the answer as I haven’t had that issue. I have several soap recipes on my blog and also in the Kowalski Mountain Subscriber’s Library. Search soap and that should bring them up for you.