Philip with a buck on the skinning rack

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  1. This was such a thoughtful and informative article! I’ve never hunted myself, but I really want to one day, I find the quality of meat at the stores so sketchy.
    I will be coming back when I finally have my hunting license 🙂

  2. This is such an informative article on all the steps it takes to process the meat from a day or weekend of hunting. Really well done, gonna show it to my husband. He’s the hunter in the family. Thanks!

  3. This article is very timely for us! Just got a deer last night here in MO. Paying to have it processed this year, but my husband wants to try DIY next season. Thanks!

  4. Very interesting! I realized a things we need to have on hand for butchering and have many of these ourselves too!

  5. This is very informative. I always find when processing meat, it is vital to have the right tools for the job. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I had no idea one could just go buy game bags. What a game changer 😉 I’ll have to look into that next hunting season. Great Ideas Barbra-Sue!